• Collaborative Design
    Collaborative Design
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    Artistry in Nature
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    Reclaimed Materials
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    Unique Architecture
  • Outdoor Living
    Outdoor Living

At Backcountry Builders we specialize in organic, sophisticated outdoor living spaces and custom construction remolding featuring natural patterns and modern building techniques. We partner with you realize your dream.

We are committed to create spaces that enhance the beauty, intrigue the senses and create a feeling of sanctuary and exhilaration. We combine our mastery of art and craft with organic elements such as wood, stone, concrete and steel to make something one of a kind for you.

We believe that the building process is both rational and emotional. We bring the left-brain and right-brain together, partnering with you to realize your perfect living space. Through a collaborative process we uncover your hidden desires; that is when the magic begins.

  • We are Central Oregon Contractors and landscape artists who specialize in original ideas and handcrafted detail.
  • We love organic textures, modern shapes and re-purposed or salvaged materials.
  • We are passionate about custom construction resulting in unique, creative and extraordinary home design.